Scaling your teeth at home is now possible thanks to a scaler that is both professional and accessible to everybody - dentists hate it!

By Journalist Sophie Laroche, published [#one days before today]
Are you used to getting brown stains, plaque or tartar on your teeth? Have you had enough of going to the dentist to get your teeth scaled for them to look good again? Stop paying for this service because you can now do it yourself in the comfort of your own house and for a tiny price!

When chatting, the first thing you notice about someone is their teeth. Having brown stains, plaque or tartar could ruin this moment and give a pretty negative impression about yourself. This is why it is important to take care of your teeth and regularly go to the dentist to get your teeth deep-cleaned.

But with the global pandemic, the issue is that it is getting more and more difficult and long to get an appointment at the dentist. Thankfully, a new solution allowing everybody to take care of their teeth at home has just appeared.

It is now possible to have a professional deep-clean at home thanks to the Dental Clean scaler!

The Dental Clean is an ultrasonic scaler that efficiently gets rid of tartar, plaque and stains on teeth thanks to its gentle and ultra-fast vibrations. It goes up to 3000 vibrations a minute, which then safely breaks and removes dental plaque, allowing you to clean the front and the back of the teeth as well as between them whenever and wherever you want.

Using it can get rid of stains left by some foods, as well as wine and tobacco. It is so easy to use that the whole family can do it - simply push the button, aim for the plaque, watch it disappear and admire your teeth getting whiter and whiter every day.

Its ergonomic design allows you to reach difficult areas that even your toothbrush struggles to reach. It is also completely designed to clean crowns, implants, facets, and braces. You will very quickly notice the difference on your teeth!

You can also take it everywhere with you - it’s like always having a dentist handy!
Having clean teeth, healthy gums and a beautiful, confident smile has never been easier. 

What makes the Dental Clean so efficient?

Efficient and safe scaling:
The Dental Clean functions with gentle vibrations that are not dangerous for the enamel. It has 5 different adjustable grades of intensity to remove tartar, dental plaque and stains.

Great battery life and a fast charge:
The Dental Clean can be used 200 times at maximum intensity after one charge only. Not only that, but it can be charged by USB in 30 minutes with the provided charger.

Very portable:
The Dental Clean cleaner is perfect for a deep-clean at home. It is a simple solution which is more affordable than going to the dentist. It is so portable that it can easily be kept in a bag too - the perfect solution to keep a beautiful smile away from home.

Brushing your teeth isn’t enough

A simple clean with a toothbrush doesn’t get rid of tartar and dental plaque.

The Dental Clean scaler uses ultrasonic vibrations to remove every ungracious impurity on the teeth whilst staying safe for the gums. Don’t wait anymore and get a wonderful smile and a fresh breath all day long without having to see the dentist!

Impressive results :

“I suffer from tartar build-up daily and I used to go to the dentist’s regularly to get it removed. My life has changed when I discovered I could do it at home with the same result!”
“What an efficient and innovative tool. I used to always have visible yellow stains on my teeth as I smoke a lot and drink a lot of coffee - now, I directly get rid of them in my bathroom.”
“Despite brushing my teeth three times a day since I was a child, I’ve always had yellow teeth. Thanks to the Dental Clean, I could finally get the smile I’ve always wanted.”

To conclude: is it a good idea to use the Dental Clean scaler?

Dental Clean is an incredibly efficient tool that everybody should use daily to take care of their teeth. Whether you suffer from tartar or plaque build-up or not, it is essential to scale your teeth regularly to have beautiful and healthy teeth. Right now, this product is the most efficient and affordable way to have a beautiful smile every day - no need to go the dentist anymore to get a scaling...

How to get one?

You can only buy the Dental Clean on their website. Moreover, they often offer discounts.

UPDATE: Get it today for 50% off with free delivery!

Dental Clean - The best way to have beautiful teeth

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